March 22, 2018

BlueChilli, funds, AI & startups

What happens when a tech accelerator gets $162 million and some AI?

BlueChilli, funds, AI & startups

What can $162million, some AI and great framework do for the Australian startup ecosystem? This is a question the team at BlueChilli are keen to answer.

BlueChilli is Australia's largest technology accelerator a team that over the past 6 years have helped guide and grow over 100 great startups. News broke this week that Seb and the team had secured an incredible $162 million to help them to reach more, do more, grow more startups, here and around the world.

Like all good investments, this isn't just about the money. "Working with Hatcher+ we are able to leverage their knowledge of successful startups, combined with AI and Machine Learning to help reduce the time it takes to evaluate and rank startup proposals", Seb tells us. To often people see AI as a threat, here Seb elaborates on how AI will help the team be more efficient during the initial evaluation process.

Being that BlueChilli is a 'tech accelerator' one could be forgiven in thinking this funding is isolated to a select few tech folks. "Only 7% of the population is technical" says Seb, "we want to enable the other 93% who have valuable insights and ideas, to bring their concepts to life".

This is incredible news for the Australian startup ecosystem and bodes well for the support and nuture of the next generation of businesses being founded down under. If you have an idea for a new business, it could be a great time to explore that with the team at BlueChilli.

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