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What the _____ is blockchain?

"Bitcoin, blockchain - aren't they the same thing?" is a question heard over and over again by people who have generally only heard these terms on the main stream media.

Keran was recently asked to talk on the blockchain to a group of accountants in Sydney, explaining what the technology is and why it's an important component of future business technology.

For those interested, here is a recording of that session

Did Keran get it all right? Well, no. There are a couple of bits in there that Keran wishes he had not quite drawn out the way he did. For example: "cyrptocurrencies are not currencies" - actually Bitcoin was designed as a replacement currency. No dobut he'll change that for next time.

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Keran McKenzie

Keran McKenzie

Keran is fascinated by new technology & how it transforms the way we live, work & play. As Futurist-in-Residence at MYOB Keran loves helping businesses achieve success by embracing new ideas & tech.

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