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"For me .. wow .. like, amazing! That's where I see a lot of the future going" - Tristan Le Breton, 99designs.com

When you talk to someone who designs and thinks about the way we interact with technology and they have that sort of response, well, don't you just want to know more?

Last week we touched on The changing face of interfaces, and this week we sit down with the awesome Megan Dell, (Head of UX) and Tristan Le Breton, (Product Designer & Art Director) from 99designs.com to get their thoughts on the changing interface world. Specifically looking at the amazing work the team from Leap Motion are doing with Project North Star and augmented reality interfaces.

Included video interface example from Keiichi Matsuda on twitter

We can't wait to see what this sort of interface, coupled with something like the Daqri Smart Glasses could do for the mobile workforce in Australia.

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Keran McKenzie

Keran McKenzie

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