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Exploring Cryptocurrencies with NavCoin

Cryptocurrencies - should your business be accepting digital payments already?

We've seen it in the media, Brisbane airport retailers to accept cyrptocurrencies, every day now it seems more businesses are accepting payments this way. Paul Meissener (from the trenches podcast) recently asked "Should I accept payment in bitcoin?", and it opened up a lot of good questions and conversations. Some saying "Yes" and some saying "No".

While in NZ for TechWeekNZ Keran took the opportunity to sit with Paul Sanderson a core contributor to NavCoin, a project tackling the 'cryptocurrency as an actual currency' problem, to find out a little more about businesses and cryptocurrencies.

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Keran McKenzie

Keran McKenzie

Keran is fascinated by new technology & how it transforms the way we live, work & play. As Futurist-in-Residence at MYOB Keran loves helping businesses achieve success by embracing new ideas & tech.

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