June 29, 2018

Technology outside the city

Are technology innovations and the impact of technology the relm of cities only? Keran explores the impact in regional Aus and NZ.

Technology outside the city

All too often the latest technology news story comes from some great advancement, fundraise or breakthrough from <insert city here />. What about those outside the city?

The impact of technology is huge almost anywhere, but it's ability to make huge impacts is felt more so in the regional and rural towns all around the world. Credit where it's due, movements like NBN (in Australia) and UFB (in New Zealand), aside from their obvious issues, have leveled the playing field allowing incredible businesses to flourish in regional towns.

Take Phocas Software as a example, a world leading data analysis company, head quartered (with over 50 employees) in Orange NSW. Yes they have offices around the world in all the hot cities, but their core base is still regional New South Wales. It would seem that Orange NSW is a hot space right now for technology with the city recently running the first regional Technology Expo. This was an incredible event bringing together global technology companies with regional businesses to explore how technology can and will make an impact regionally. The exciting part was the involvement of local schools, showcasing their technology education programs, including robotics, VR, programming, business education and one school taking kids to space camp!

NSW is not alone of course, we are seeing amazing advances in agtech all around the world. Making headlines in the past week was Craig Piggott from Morrinsville NZ (It's about 1hr 45min south of Auckland). Craig had been working for the amazing RocketLab team when he left to pursue an IOT startup monitoring cows through a neck worn halter type device.

So how important is technology to regional businesses?

Keran took the opportunity recently to sit down with Leanne Berry one of Australia's leading small business advisors to discuss the impact smart, connected tools are having in businesses today.