In The Media

In The Media

Keran is often asked for his voice or comment on items affecting businesses and future technology from various media outlets. Below are just some of the media items that reference Keran.

Radio Live | Interview

Keran interviewed by the awesome Vaughn Davis to discuss the future of business technology. Listen to the interview here

TVNZ | Breakfast

Keran was asked to join the TVNZ Breakfast crew to discuss the future of business technology. Watch to the video here

NZHerald | Small and medium-sized businesses 'oblivious' to tech revolution

Small firms struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change should brace for the new "industrial revolution", a futurist says. Read to the full article here

Edtech podcast

Keran was invited to chat with Alex Asher on his Learn Cube podcast to discuss future technology and the impact it has on the future education market. Watch the podcast here

MG Magazine | AI Report

Warren Head from MG Magazine sat down with Keran to hear his thoughts on the impact of AI (and other technologies) on the future of business. This was a direct to print magazine article for their June 2018 publication.

The strange and radical world of blockchain

Nathan Smith from the NBR sat down with Keran to explore the future of blockchain and the impact of this technology on business. Read the full story here | Note: paywall.

Idealog goes mining for bitcoin

The ever crazy Ben Mack from Idealog decides to turn his work laptop into a bitcoin mining machine. Keran features as a guest on this wild ride exploring cryptocurrencies. Read the full story here or Listen to the Podcast here.

WTF is Blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

As a guest on the award winning Chinese podcast BearTalks, Keran explores blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Listen to the podcast here or Watch the screen cast here.

10 Tech trends that will shape the world

NZHerald asked Keran to discuss 10 tech trends that will impact our lives and business over the next 5 years. Read the full story here.

From the generals - MYOB

The team behind "From the trenches" interview Tim Reed, Simon Dennis and Keran McKenzie from MYOB for this podcast. Listen to the podcast here.

The importance of Hackathons

Keran talks about the impact of internal hackathons and how MYOB leverages these to find improvements within application and the business. Read the full story here.

Enterprise API: the MYOB API story

Keran discusses the story and the why behind MYOB's API story. Read the full story here.

What to consider when moving to cloud accounting

Keran shares his thoughts on what business onwers need to consider when moving to cloud accounting. Read the full story here.

Aussie uses Arduino for self-drive car

Keran published a video (faked) that was picked up by the IEEE as a legitimate story. Read the full story here.

Day in the life of an API Evangelist

Nordic APIs interviewed a group of API Evangelists to find out what it takes to lead a public developer program. Read the full story here.